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Learn New Recipe : Creamy Dill Sauce

This dill sauce recipe came from my favorite kitchen: the way you open the fridge, look inside and cook with what you have at hand. A few weeks ago, I had a huge bunch of fresh dill left to make this avocado vinaigrette, and I was looking for ways to use it. I…

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Learn New Recipe : Avocado Sauce

This avocado sauce is the perfect topping for these roasted cauliflower Tacos. Or Tacos. It is smooth, rich and creamy, with a touch of bright lime taste. You just need 5 ingredients to make it, and it comes together in less than 5 minutes. I think it could be another night of tacos…

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Lemon Butter Sauce – Learn New Recipe

At the beginning of this spring, I began to serve this lemon butter sauce with steamed artichokes. Since then, I’ve started serving it with so much more-pasta, grilled vegetables, couscous. It is deliciously butter and rich, with a lively and savory taste of lemon juice and garlic. You only need 5 ingredients to…

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