The first time I tried this recipe for fried beans, I thought, ” What cost me so long?!”After years of cooking with refried canned beans, I had finally learned how to make refried beans from scratch. Let me tell you I never look back.

These homemade fried beans are creamier, brighter and more complex than any you’ll find in a box. I love serving them as a side dish or dip with tortilla Chips, but they’re also delicious in Tacos, Taquitos, Burritos, Quesadillas, and Enchiladas. Start with canned pinto beans, and you’ll be ready in a few minutes. Start with dried, and now…they will last much longer, but they will be even spicier. Anyway, I think you’ll like it.

How to make fried beans

You can prepare this recipe in two ways:with canned or dried beans. Even if it doesn’t go so fast, I prefer to cook dry pinto beans. In this way, whole pinto beans are well seasoned, which gives more depth of flavor in fried beans.

  • To prepare this recipe with dry pinto beans, first cook them according to this method. Simmer until the beans collapse and the bean broth thickens.
  • After that, this recipe for fried beans is a breeze. Add a little more than half of the beans and their cooking liquid in a blender with 2-4 tablespoons of water and mix until smooth.
  • Then return the mixed beans to the pot. Stir in avocado oil, lime juice and chili powder and adjust spices to taste. If the mixture is too thick, add water until the desired consistency is obtained. Taste and adjust the spices once more. Finally eat!

If you use canned beans, the process is similar. Simmer the beans with the liquid from the can with sautéed onions and spices for 15 minutes. Then puree some of the beans and stir in the pan with a pinch of lime juice. So simple!

Fried Beans Serving Suggestions

Most of the time, I serve this fried bean recipe as a side dish, sprinkled with Cotija cheese, red chilli flakes and coriander. It goes well with all types of Mexican and Tex-Mex food. Recently, I’ve loved these Roasted cauliflower Tacos and vegan Tacos. It would also be fantastic with Enchiladas, Austin-style Migas or one of those vegetarian taco recipes.

Here are some of my favorite ways to serve it:

  • As a dip. Scoop with tortilla chips, or spread it in a seven-layer dip.
  • In quesadillas. Use it as glue in a vegan Quesadilla or cut it into a product with cheese. It would also be an excellent Tostada garnish.
  • To taquitos. Try it in this taquitos recipe!
  • As part of a taco bar. For a fun Taco night, try the fried beans with tortillas, coriander lime rice, Fajita vegetables, Pico de Gallo, and Guacamole. Let everyone customize their own meal