Mango Margarita

It’s finally warming up in Chicago, so let’s refresh ourselves with this mango margarita! For me it is the perfect drink in hot weather-frosty, refreshing and wonderfully easy to prepare. Just put 5 ingredients in the blender, puree until smooth and taste! Yes, this frozen mango margarita recipe is so simple.

Another great thing about this recipe? It’s about mango. Instead of using mango juice or additional sweeteners, I mix frozen mango to create its thick texture and sweet, tart taste. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never make a mango margarita any different. It’s smooth, shiny and just the right amount of sweet. Visit Cinco de Mayo this week or any day you crave a cool and fun drink. We love him, and I think so do you.

Mango Margarita Recipe Ingredients

Here’s what you need to prepare this frozen mango margarita:

  1. Frozen mango, of course! I’m passion with champagne or mangoes Ataulfo (pictured above) because they have a really mild taste and creamy texture. I love buying these fresh mangoes in the store and peeling them, dicing them and freezing them myself. If this seems to be a problem, don’t worry. The frozen mango pieces bought in the store also work here.
  2. Lime juice-an essential margarita! It makes this cocktail zingy and bright.
  3. Tequila-Use the silver tequila you prefer.
  4. Cointreau-it adds sweetness and a hint of orange flavor.
  5. Ice-it dilutes the margarita, making it extra-icy and cold.
  6. And sea salt-For the edge of your glass.

Place frozen mango, lime juice, tequila and cointreau in a high-speed blender and stir until smooth. Then add the ice and mix again until the mixture is smooth and frosty. Try and adjust the balance if necessary. Finally, enjoy it!

Mango Margarita Recipe Tips

  • Thaw is your friend. When you mix the margarita for the first time, it becomes thick, almost like a sorbet. If at any time you find that it is too thick to mix, do not worry! Just walk a few minutes so that the mango can thaw, then come back and try again. The mixture will melt more easily when it thaws, and even if you let it rest a little, it will still be pleasant and frosty.
  • Taste and adjust. The secret to making a killer cocktail at home? Customize it to taste! If you prefer a stronger mango margarita, add a touch of tequila. If you want it to be brighter, add lime. Fancy something sweeter? Add a drop of agave or simple syrup. Adjust the ratios until your margarita has a balance of flavors you like.
  • Salt the edge of your glass. This frozen mango margarita has an incredible taste straight from the blender, so technically you don’t have to salt your glass here. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it. The salt perfectly emphasizes the mild and vibrant taste of mango and lime, giving your glass that classic margarita look.

What to serve with a mango margarita

Chips and salsa, of course! Here are some homemade salsas that would taste fantastic with this mango margarita:

If you want to serve this mango margarita with a larger meal, combine it with hearty Mexican dishes. Try these vegan jackfruit tacos, Roasted cauliflower tacos, nachos, enchiladas or one of these 11 best vegetarian taco recipes. Complement the meal with a side of fried beans and rice with coriander and lime.