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Learn New Recipe : Refried Beans

The first time I tried this recipe for fried beans, I thought, ” What cost me so long?!”After years of cooking with refried canned beans, I had finally learned how to make refried beans from scratch. Let me tell you I never look back. These homemade fried beans are creamier, brighter and more…

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Learn New Recipe : Mango Margarita

Mango Margarita It’s finally warming up in Chicago, so let’s refresh ourselves with this mango margarita! For me it is the perfect drink in hot weather-frosty, refreshing and wonderfully easy to prepare. Just put 5 ingredients in the blender, puree until smooth and taste! Yes, this frozen mango margarita recipe is so simple….

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Learn New Recipe : Easy Mango Salsa

With Cinco De Mayo coming tomorrow, I thought I would share Pop in this Mango Salsa. It’s one of my favorite recipes to make in spring and summer because it’s refreshing, fun, and so damn easy. Follow the recipe once or twice, and you can leave the measuring cups in the drawer and…

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