I had the idea for this recipe for pasta with artichokes a few weeks ago, when my refrigerator was overflowing with spring carticoats. The frets, the babies and all sizes in between. One day I had steamed some of the large artichokes for this post, and after I finished taking the photos, I stood at the counter nibbling on the fleshy leaves soaked in a lemon butter sauce.

Of course, I knew artichokes and butter were a classic combination, but it had been a while since I hadn’t tried them together. After a bite, I began to smile. Artichokes and lemon butter sauce were a perfect match. I immediately began to imagine ways to make it a meal.

Enter: this recipe for artichoke pasta. I still had a supply of baby artichokes on hand, so I roasted them and tossed them with pasta and lemon butter sauce. Then I added mint and persil for a fresh taste and finished with pine nuts for the crunch. I took a taste, and I was hooked. I think they will be too!

Artichoke Pasta Recipe Ingredients

Here’s what you need to prepare this artichoke pasta recipe:

  • Pasta, of course! Any form of long pasta will do. I especially like spaghetti and linguines here.
  • Baby artichokes – if you’ve never cooked fresh artichokes, don’t be intimidated! Once you understand it, you are easy to work with. Find here my method of cutting and preparing them.
  • Lemon butter sauce – you only need butter, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper to make this rich and tasty sauce.
  • Make it plant-based by replacing vegan butter.
  • Persil and mint-For a fresh taste.
  • Pine nuts-to crunch.
  • And salt and pepper-to burst all the flavors!
  • To make this recipe, start roasting the artichokes by this method.

While in the oven, prepare the lemon butter sauce and cook the pasta, reserving some water from the starchy pasta.

When the artichokes are ready, mix them with the pasta, sauce and persil and add water for the pasta when the pasta is dry.

Season to taste, spread the pasta in bowls and top with pine nuts, fresh mint and, if desired, pecorino cheese. That’s all!

Suggestions for pasta with artichokes

Serve this artichoke pasta recipe as a meal alone, with a slice of focaccia or crispy bread on hand to wipe down any sauce that remains at the bottom of your bowl. It is also delicious with a simple vegetable side dish such as roasted asparagus, roasted radish or salad. It would fit well with any of these salad recipes.